Global Leader Coaching

Specialized Coaching For High Performing International Leaders

Coaching engagements begin with an Assessment and Planning Phase, identifying priority areas.
Then, coaching sessions are conducted according to our Coaching Model.  These coaching engagements are generally long-term sessions scheduled following the intensive Assessment and Planning Phase.  Executives who have participated in this process report very positive results, often attributing much of their success to these coaching sessions.

Here are some examples of of when Global Leader Coaching may be needed:

  • A high performing Chinese manager is assigned to his U.S. headquarters and is having problems communicating with his colleagues and fitting into the corporate culture.
  • A plant manager in Eastern Europe is perceived by his company as not retaining talented young managers and not responsive to company needs for information.
  • A senior French executive is assigned to his headquarters and is about to lose major responsibility because of his lack of communication skills and a management style that doesn’t fit.
  • International executives assigned to the United State face many challenges, some of which are unexpected and therefore troublesome and difficult.  One of these is working effectively within the American business culture.  These executives have been effective in the international arena, working from their home country.  However, when they relocate to the U.S., they must adapt to quite different daily organizational practices and norms.

Tucker International has been able to succeed with cases like these because of our unique blend of capabilities in understanding business globalization, successful management practices and coaching across cultures. We bring to these assignments the personal business experience of our international coaches combined with management and behavioral science. Our coaching interventions result in lasting performance improvements that benefit the client companies and the careers of these managers.