Global Talent Development

For over 50 years, the Principals of Tucker International have been thought leaders and major players in assessing, training, coaching, and global talent development. As we enter the Human Age, where Talentism is the new Capitalism, no organization can afford to overlook optimizing the performance of their people who operate globally.

Cultural Awareness Key to Success in Global Markets

“If a company invests in our assessment and coaching for their international assignees, they can get over a 500 percent return based on our measurements of how well they do their jobs abroad,” said Tucker.

Groundbreaking Global Leadership Study

This first-of-a-kind study by Tucker International and Right Management identifies the cultural competencies needed for global leaders to be successful, and it also predicts what success looks like when these competencies are present and well developed.


Do you manage global talent with the goal of developing leaders for your company, but don’t have time to investigate all the tools and processes available to you? We’ve created a way for you preview our Global Leader Tucker Assessment Profile with our five-minute GLTAP Snapshot.

Our full 86-item GLTAP and Horizontal/Vertical Model is explained in Tackling The Quality Leadership Challenge. In it, you’ll also learn how to increase female representation to close the global leadership talent gap.

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