Tucker International Services and Products

Tucker International, LLC. is a full service international human resource development company. We provide the very best quality of highly customized services and products to global organizations. Tucker enjoys a global reach, delivering services in many countries around the world.

We help global companies to ensure the success of their international personnel and their families. Tucker International offers a suite of its own proprietary products and services directed at global leadership and to support international assignments.

If you want your global leaders and expatriates to succeed, we can help.


Our Services

  • The HV Model for Developing Global Leaders
    A research based process for developing global leaders. 
  • IMA® International Mobility Assessment
    An interactive, web-based tool designed to help your employees self-assess their readiness and mobility for an international assignment.
  • TAP® Tucker Assessment Profile
    An assessment instrument and developmental coaching process measuring motivations, expectations and fourteen competencies required for successful intercultural adjustment.
  • Global Leader TAP® Tucker Assessment Profile (GLTAP)
    A leadership development instrument and feedback process measuring nine key competencies essential for global leadership success.
  • Survey of Expatriate Training and Development (SETD)sm
    A follow-up assessment applied after an international assignment has begun which measures six key factors that determine the current level of intercultural adjustment among expatriates.
  • Intercultural and Language Training for Expatriate Families
    Tucker International is truly a pioneer in this field, delivering training in the public and private sectors for over forty years. We are known for our customized approach, which results in a 97% satisfaction rate. Some of our client companies reserve the “Tucker Program” for their most senior people or most difficult assignments.
  • Intercultural Training for Home-Based Executives
    Our highly acclaimed programs are delivered for executives who manage intercultural businesses or projects from their home country. These include CEO’s and their staffs, technical teams and intercultural start-ups.
  • Intercultural Team Building
    Highly customized, needs assessment based team development.
  • Global Leader Coaching
    Tucker specializes in coaching leaders who are preparing to work internationally or who are working outside their home country.  We have a unique blend of capabilities to support business globalization, successful intercultural leadership and management practices as well as coaching across cultures.  We bring to these assignments the personal business experience of our international coaches combined with management and behavioral science.
  • Repatriation Assistance
    Our re-entry training programs and Repatriation Planning Guide helps to support expatriates with the often difficult adjustment to returning to live and work in their home countries.
  • International Human Resource Consulting
    Our team of veteran corporate IHR executives, academics and Certified Management Consultants help prevent and solve your most difficult challenges.
  • ExpaTracks
    On-line candidate assessment and tracking system. ExpaTracks provides real-time access to current status within our assessment process as well as secure access to reports and assessments.
Our single service objective is the development of intercultural competency.  We can help you succeed in any international setting.

The IMA and TAP are Registered Trademarks of Tucker International.