Meeting the Global Talent Challenge

Developing Global Leaders using the HV Model

Is your global leadership development program based on research-based data? Does it include competency assessment and feedback compared to a global leadership norm? Does your coaching process result in behavior change? If your answers to these questions are “NO” or “NOT SURE,” then the Tucker International data-based program might be right for you. 

The nine global leader competencies in the Horizonal part of the Model are assessed by means of our Global Leader TAP® Tucker Assessment Profile (GLTAP). The Vertical part of our Model drives the coaching process to help achieve a level 5 “self-transforming mind” through behavior change mapping of the competencies. 

Applying our Model, current or aspiring global leaders cannot only benchmark themselves against successful leaders, but they can set behavior goals and “try outs” for developing measured competencies and explore the underlying roots that have prevented development and made them “immune to change.”

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