The IMA® International Mobility Assessment

The IMA is a self-assessment developed by Tucker International to help international candidates and their families decide for themselves if they are ready to take on the challenges of living and working in another country.

This assessment helps candidates to (individually or as a group) evaluate their current situation to determine if they are ready to take on the challenge of adapting successfully to a different culture, and ensure that their expectations are realistic about an international assignment, a new job, and especially a new environment and culture.

Interactive exercises guide the user through self-assessments of international readiness in three critical areas:

1. The Family or Personal Issues (for the unaccompanied employee)

2. A New Country and Culture

3. A Different Workplace

The program concludes with a decision making exercise, in which all the reasons for pursuing an international assignment are weighed against all those for not going forward. Whichever decision is made, candidates and their families are assured that they have participated together in a high quality process that can dramatically affect their lives.

Based on actual input from Tucker clients prior to and after international assignments, our IMA has helped employees and their families to consider many aspects of their lives that can make or break an international assignment.

The IMA is often combined with Tucker’s cornerstone assessments, the Tucker Assessment Profile (TAP®) and the Global Leader TAP, highly reliable instruments that assess intercultural competencies required for success on an international assignment. They are used for global talent selection and development of intercultural competencies.

IMA is a Registered Trademark of Tucker International