Intercultural Team Building

When two or more organizations from different countries come together in an acquisition, merger, joint venture, or collaboration, they are faced with both national and organizational culture differences, as illustrated below. We approach intercultural team building for these organizations by performing thorough needs-assessments and then customization – no two programs look alike.

Iceberg Model representation based on the original work by Berger, Peter L. and Luckman, Thomas: The Social Construction of Reality. 1966, An Anchor Book published by Doubleday.

Our goal in goal in driving the new organization toward synergy in operating style is illustrated here.

Our face-to-face, off-site programs feature consultants representing the national cultures involved. We help them to understand what a high performance, multicultural team looks like, work through cases that illustrate cultural differences in team performance, understand key aspects of intercultural communication, and guide them through team exercises to create and maintain a successful organizational and team culture.