Tucker International has developed a new tool and process to help Global Leaders Overcome Immunity to Change.

According to recent research, less than 1% of adults have achieved the mental complexity level 5 “Self Transforming Mind” (Kegan & Lahey). This level is required among leaders and managers in today’s complex global business environment (Rhinesmith). Level 5 is the ability to “step back from and reflect on the limits of our own ideology or personal authority, see that any one system or self-organization is in some way partial or incomplete, be friendlier toward contradiction and opposites and seek to hold on to multiple systems rather than projecting all but one onto the other.”

This lack of mental complexity among samples of adults also applies to those who aspire to be successful global leaders. So, what can be done to help develop this mental ability in the right direction for such leaders? A strong case has been made that both a “horizontal,” or competency approach and a “vertical” approach of self-development is needed (Nick Petrie). Tucker International has developed a unique process that combines both the horizontal and vertical approaches. This consists of our nine competency model, assessed by means of our Global Leader TAP® Tucker Assessment Profile (GLTAP), and our new Behavior Change Mapping Process.

We begin with feedback on individual scores on the nine competencies (see a sample GLTAP profile). The next step is a way to overcome an “immunity to change.” After all, experienced or emerging global leaders are likely successful in their current leadership style and it is difficult for them to change and fully perform these new competencies. We have created Behavior Change Maps for all nine of the competencies (see a sample Open-Mindedness Tucker International Behavior Change Map). Working with a Tucker coach, a leader can not only set out goals for developing this competency, but can explore the underlying roots that have prevented development and made her or him “immune” to change.

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